As Ironmace puts it, Choi's utilization of the server emerge as discouraged with the useful resource of Nexon Dark And Darker Gold, however in no manner straight away close down, and receded to a secondary problem due to the fact the group decrease lower back to workplace. It became at the same time as Choi added an goal to go away Nexon, Ironmace claims, that criminal court cases in competition to him commenced out and he grow to be terminated with the aid of the employer. Further, Ironmace alleges that Nexon simplest copyrighted its P3 improvement substances in February of this 12 months, reputedly in reaction to Dark and Darker's fulfillment inside the Steam subsequent Fest.

Ironmace moreover had harsh words for Nexon's declare that the studio could not have produced operating prototypes of Dark and Darker so rapid without alternate secrets and strategies from Nexon: "The truth that a huge recreation business enterprise like Nexon cannot make bigger video video games this rapid does not mean that different studios, big and small, cannot increase at that tempo."

On the equal time as both P3 and Dark and Darker are being made the usage of Unreal Engine, Ironmace claims that P3 emerge as "written even as mastering because of the truth none of the programmers had any enjoy using Unreal Engine at the time of the undertaking," and that "the usage of the code and assets of the P3 venture as a reference have to no longer were useful in intending with the Dark and Darker task." to bolster the claim, Ironmace launched in element redacted git logs of Dark and Darker's improvement, a huge document stretching decrease lower back to the assignment's inception in September 2021.

Every other declare of Nexon's that Ironmace contests is the listing of assets Nexon says is shared among the 2 video games. Nexon argues that that is an brilliant similarity and proof of theft, on the identical time as Ironmace points out that they're all each potential property at the artificial keep, otherwise generated through development equipment like Wwise buy Dark And Darker Gold. Ironmace included a spreadsheet detailing the property of the files singled out through Nexon.